Residential Restoration

Repair. Restore. Renew.

The longer a house is lived in, the more damage will accumulate in it, and you’ll start to see the interior of your house looking ‘lived in’. Over time, things get dropped, floors get scuffed, and furniture gets banged up. New Creations conducts home and business restorations. We take these damaged materials and make them look like new again. Your house doesn’t need to look ‘lived in’ anymore. New Creations can perform home and business restorations to make your home (or business) look the way it was meant to look: impeccable!

One thing that is central to our services at New Creations is that our home and business restorations are made to last. This is important when you’re looking to repair something that is used on a daily basis inside your home. New Creations is constantly innovating; we are always finding new and better ways to increase the durability and seamlessness of our home and business restorations. When we repair your home’s damaged interior, we provide durability similar to that of the original material, which allows for long lasting, seamless repairs.

Before and after of wooden floor, used on wood restoration page

 New Creations technicians provide a wide range of home interior repairs, including various types of floors, furniture, wallpaper, and countertops. We can remove the stains in your fabric furniture and carpet, or smooth over the scratches in your hardwood flooring. Broken tiles, granite and marble can be restored, and linoleum, laminate, corian and formica are no problem for our professional technicians. Simply put, when it comes to your home’s interior, New Creations can repair just about anything! At New Creations, we see that a well-maintained home is a fulfilling and comfortable home. In order to provide our customers with the best experience, our friendly, mobile technicians will come directly to your home and repair your damaged possessions quickly and professionally. Our prices are affordable, too, and our methods minimize waste. Instead of ripping out and replacing your kitchen’s linoleum, New Creations can repair the damage, saving the environment and your wallet. Let us help you maximize your home’s potential with our home and business restorations service.

What Do We Restore?

At New Creations, we make it our priority to restore your prized possessions, making them look and feel like new. Since New Creations began in 1988, we have continued to develop and expand our restoration processes. We’re constantly establishing new techniques and products in order to serve our customers even better. The durability of our repairs means that a repaired material will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. From your home and vehicle to your watercraft and RV, New Creations can restore it all. Your damaged materials are no match for our professional technicians! Our New Creations technicians pride themselves in being able to repair just about anything. From your home and RV to your motor vehicles, nearly every material can be restored. We provide leading technology to give the best repairs, and our mobile technicians will come to you and make your prized possessions look and feel like new. Let us erase those cuts, scrapes, wears, and burns for an affordable price!

Can We Restore It?

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Home Interior


Furniture is an essential part of a home, and when these pieces are damaged, it can rob you of your ability to relax. Have your kids started picking holes in your new leather couch? Has your cat scratched your favourite wood cabinet? Furniture gives your home functionality and character, and New Creations can restore damage and reverse wear on these prized possessions with our high quality, durable repair methods.

The best part? A New Creations mobile technician is just a call away! We will come to you and repair the damage on-site, saving you time and money. Our repairs are durable and invisible, leaving you with a repair that looks great long term. Since New Creations repairs the damage instead of replacing the whole area, we not only minimize costs, but our repairs minimize waste and its impact on the environment.

With New Creations, you can trust that your furniture will be repaired with your value in mind, providing high quality, waste-reducing, and convenient mobile repairs. Contact us for a free quote!

Home Interior


From linoleum and vinyl to tile and hardwood, New Creations can repair all of your minor flooring damage.

Kitchen floors are typically used and abused, with utensils being dropped and food splattered.
Linoleum and vinyl damage often continues to spread as time passes. And anyone who has a hardwood floor knows that they’re especially prone to scratching, especially if you have a dog or if you’re rearranging furniture.

Your floor is built to be beaten up, and so are our repairs! A central principle for New Creations technicians is creating repairs that last. Our industry-leading repair products are well known for their durable results, which gives our customers the comfort of knowing that New Creations repairs won’t fall apart the more you walk across them. From scratched tile and hardwood to ripped up linoleum, New Creations will repair your damaged flooring and make it look like new.

Home Interior


Imagine that you’ve damaged your kitchen counter. Maybe your kids cracked the corner while they were goofing around in the kitchen. Or perhaps a hot pan left burn marks in the marble surface. Either way, your counter – the place where you prepare food, drinks, and meals with your family – is now damaged in a way that looks irreparable.

This sort of damage to your countertops may seem impossible to repair. At quick glance, it seems as though it’d be easier to just have the whole thing replaced – especially because cracks in marble and vinyl will spread over time, worsening to the point that a full overhaul is the only option.

New Creations specializes in quick and effective repairs of all surfaces, in any room, and made of any material. Stains on your kitchen counter? Cracks on your bathroom counter? Seamless restoration is our forte when it comes to dings, scratches, scrapes, and more. We can make your countertops look completely undamaged.

Home Exterior

Windows & Siding

Our homes’ exteriors are made to withstand the elements, but let’s be honest: damage is inevitable! Did the last big hail storm put some holes in your home’s vinyl exterior siding? Is your deck starting to rip and tear? Are your porch stairs constantly worn out?

As the damage piles up, a home’s appeal goes down. Replacing your entire exterior every time it is nicked or scratched is obviously unfeasible, so maintaining your home’s exterior can seem daunting and expensive, but with New Creations’ mobile and cost-effective services, keeping your home looking pristine is simple.

For starters, we use top of the line, innovative techniques and products, which make our repairs more durable than the original material! Our work is also seamless, leaving no trace that we were ever there. Since New Creations technicians are mobile, we come to you and repair the damage on your home’s exterior, leaving your house looking better and lasting longer.

New Creations doesn’t just restore your home’s exterior to its original condition; we make it better than it has ever been.


Personal Belongings

Do you have a small personal item that seems outside the realm of a big restoration company? A sentimental family heirloom? A damaged high-end purse? A leather jacket that belonged to your grandfather?

Obviously, when items of great sentimental value are damaged or worn out, you can’t simply throw them away. Odds are, New Creations can take a look at it and restore it for you at a reasonable cost!

In the past, we’ve tackled restorations on a broad variety of personal belongings, including:

  • Home decor
  • Statues and busts
  • Leather jackets
  • Purses and handbags
  • Chandeliers
  • Wooden trinkets
  • Rugs

Keep your most treasured items looking pristine and new with our cutting edge restoration techniques and tools!