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New Creations Mobile Restorations began in 1988 in Portland, Oregon. 

Larry Stevenson, a Canadian native, founded the company while he was living in Portland. It wasn’t long after launch that Larry decided to move back home to Canada to continue building the company. He developed and expanded the restoration processes, making damaged items, made from materials like vinyl, fabric and leather, look like new again.
The Franchising of New Creations didn’t begin until 1995. Since then, it has grown to include many areas and more than 50 technicians across Canada. With dramatic technological gains being made every year, our business is rapidly evolving and growing, allowing us to deliver a more in-depth and comprehensive service to our clients. The durability and quality of our repairs, as well as the uniqueness of what we can restore, is winning the favor of Property Managers, Homeowners, Insurance Companies and Automotive Enthusiasts alike, and we don’t like to disappoint.
To find out more about New Creations and the work we do, be sure to read our blog, find out what we restore, or if you’re interested in joining the team, make sure to explore our franchise opportunities.

Our Recent Articles

How Long Do Restorations Take?

How Long Do Restorations Take?

It’s easy to dismiss the restorations process. At a glance, it seems difficult. Expensive. Generally not worthwhile. If you can afford to simply replace something, why not do it? On the surface it seems easier, and more importantly, it seems faster. A primary concern...

Increasing the Resale Value of Your Car

Increasing the Resale Value of Your Car

It's hard work to keep your car's resale value high. And let’s be honest: selling a used car is a hassle. It’s a challenge few people have the patience for. It takes time. Money. Haggling with people you’d prefer not to deal with at all. Everyone’s out to undercut...

The Environmentally-Friendly New Creations Process

The Environmentally-Friendly New Creations Process

Concerned about being environmentally-friendly, sustainability, pollution and landfills, and minimizing your environmental footprint? This blog post aims to tackle a question that haunts many home and automobile owners: should I get my damaged property repaired, or...

“New Creations is a reliable company we have come to depend on in times of need. We are always impressed with their completed handiwork.”
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“Always a pleasure to deal with New Creations. They offer a great service. Looking forward to working on projects with them in the future.”
Ryan Dovey

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