Home and Business Exterior Restoration


Our homes’ exteriors are made to withstand the elements, but over time, our homes start to see some damage. As the damage piles up, a home can lose its appeal and become an eyesore. Repairing this damage is a cost-effective, efficient alternative to replacing your damaged goods.. From linoleum decks to vinyl siding and windows, New Creations is your solution to your home exterior needs.

Did the last big hail storm put some holes in your home’s vinyl exterior siding?  Is your deck starting to rip and tear? New Creations uses top of the line products so that our repairs are actually more durable than the original material, and you won’t be able to spot our seamless repairs.


New Creations can quickly and efficiently restore your home to it’s best condition. Since New Creations technicians are mobile, we come to you and repair the damage on your home’s exterior, leaving your exterior looking better and lasting longer.

Our innovative techniques take your damaged decks, window sills, and siding, and not only erase the damage but leave you with a repair that’s actually more durable than the original material. New Creations doesn’t just restore your home’s exterior to it’s original condition; we make it better than it has ever been.


Maintaining your home’s exterior can seem like a daunting task, but with New Creations’ mobile and cost-effective services, keeping your home looking pristine is simple. Replacing your exterior every time it is nicked or scratched is simply unfeasible, but a quick call to New Creations will leave your exterior looking and feeling like new for a very affordable price. Choosing New Creations instead of replacement saves you the time and hassle of finding a replacement, and provides outstanding cost savings.


By keeping your home in the best shape possible, you can get the most out of your living experience. New Creations values your comfort and satisfaction in your home, and by hiring us, we can work together to keep you pleased with your home’s exterior. With affordable, durable, and convenient repairs, New Creations’ mobile technicians can make your home look like new again!