Automotive Exterior Restorations

The outside of a vehicle is what the world sees, making damage a massive eyesore. Cracked bumpers and windshields, scuffed paint, and scratched trim are common, and they take away from a vehicle’s appeal. These issues often seem too costly to repair, but New Creations provides a cost-effective alternative to replacement. Choosing New Creations repairs makes a pristine vehicle an affordable goal.

New Creations can help with any exterior vehicle restoration project:

  • Convertible Tops
  • Plastic Bumpers
  • Painted Bumpers
  • Paint Chips
  • Paint Scratches
  • Foggy Headlight
  • Clearcoating

Often, damage from minor accidents is left unfixed due to the unaffordable cost of replacement: whether a bumper has a small crack or is broken into pieces, the cost of replacing the damaged area remains the same.

This is where New Creations can help! Minor scuffs, scrapes, and cracks can be erased with our industry-leading repair techniques to save you time and money. Even more, our colour matching services mean that you don’t need to worry about the additional costs of painting a replacement part to match your vehicle’s paint job!

When it comes to the resale value of a vehicle, New Creations is an investment. Nothing catches the eye more than a pristine paint job, and our specialized paint chip repair, wet sanding and polishing, and clear coating will have your vehicle looking its best. 

At New Creations, our environmental impact is a priority. By choosing our services over replacement or repainting, we can work together to lessen our effect on the environment. By spot treating damage instead of repairing surrounding areas, the chemical supplies required for your vehicle to be repaired are minimized, while saving you time and money in the process. Choosing New Creations is truly a win-win-win when it comes to saving time, money, and the environment.

Above all, the condition of your vehicle is our focus at New Creations. Our service and repairs are matchless in quality and durability, and our mobile technicians will come to you and leave your vehicle looking spectacular!