In summer 2019, Saskatchewan was hit by a savage and unforgiving summer storm. From July 13th-15th, homes and commercial buildings were pelted with violent rain, gusting wind, and giant hailstones, resulting in massive amounts of damage.

In June 2020, another storm struck — this one in Northeast Calgary. An estimated 20000 homes and vehicles were damaged, quickly overwhelming citizens with 6-centimetre hailstones and widespread destruction.

Summer in the prairies can be idyllic; other times, it can be volatile and unpredictable. Hailstorms are generally consistent. Thunder, rain, and severe winds are common too. So, if your home or business gets damaged by summer storms, how can you deal with it?

Damage to Homes: Siding, Windows, and Roofs

The most common culprit for property damage in the prairies is hailstones. During the summer storms of 2019 and 2020 in Saskatchewan and Alberta, they caused severe and widespread destruction. Vinyl and wood siding was torn off homes. Shingles were knocked off rooftops. Windows were broken and cars were dented. On top of that, winds reached an estimated 102km/h with around 70 millimeters of rain, causing wind and water damage costing homeowners and insurance companies many thousands of dollars.

The storms of July 2019 resulted in nearly $62 million in insured damage to Saskatchewan alone. The storms in June 2020 in Calgary cost homeowners a devastating 1.2 billion dollars.

Dealing with the kind of damage dealt by stormy weather can be daunting – especially for prospective homeowners hoping to safeguard themselves financially while looking for a place for their family to live. After all, what precautions can you possibly take to protect yourself from a storm that size? After protecting yourself, how can you protect your most expensive investments?

Where New Creations Comes In

If you’re concerned about property damage as the result of severe weather, remember that New Creations is capable of performing extensive exterior restorations on the windows, siding, and roofs of your homes. Siding, especially, can be tricky to fix; you can’t simply replace a single piece of siding because it’s impossible to match due to discolouration from UV rays, dirt, and grime. New Creations, however, has the tools and techniques to colour match and simply repair the individual holes, so you don’t have to replace the entire wall of siding!

Perhaps more importantly, though, New Creations can pair with your insurance providers in order to provide our best, most cost-effective services. We work with many different insurance providers across the country, and very often perform restorations on homes that have been ravaged by storm damage. Moreover New Creations does our best to keep the work as minimal and cost-effective as possible, thereby reducing the overall cost of the storm, which helps keep insurance costs down.

So, whether the damage to your home is minimal or catastrophic, know that New Creations can assist you repair needs – no matter what they are. Check here for more info.