It’s hard work to keep your car’s resale value high.

And let’s be honest: selling a used car is a hassle. It’s a challenge few people have the patience for. It takes time. Money. Haggling with people you’d prefer not to deal with at all. Everyone’s out to undercut your asking price.

When it comes time to sell your car, we have one rule we recommend you keep in mind: never, ever underestimate the importance of a good first impression. While it’s important that everything under the hood is in good working order, it’s just as important (if not more!) that the seemingly superficial details look good too! Worn seats, cigarette burns, dog hair, dirty floors, smudged windows, general wear and tear – the smallest details give potential buyers everything they need to cut your asking price.

Preventative Measures for your Car

The first thing you can do to keep your car’s resale value high is taking preventative measures. One of the best ways to do this is to park your car undercover or indoors whenever possible. Excessive sun exposure can lead to sun damage to both your interior and exterior. Leather seats shrink and crack in the sun. Paint (especially dark colours) fades over time. Rain, snow, sleet, salt, and ice, on the other hand, can eat away at the exterior of your vehicle, causing rust, scratches, and superficial damage that can ruin the good first impression you’re working to maintain.

Of course, it’s not possible (or even realistic!) to keep your car undercover all the time – after all, it’s meant to be outside. It’s meant to get dirty so that you don’t have to! And while it’s generally easy to keep a car interior clean, there are little steps that New Creations can take before you sell to give it that little nudge from clean to pristine.


Sometimes, the difference between an expensive car and an inexpensive car is simply the condition. With our high-quality upholstery and seat repairs, our mobile team can come to your vehicle and get in and out quickly, doing high quality restorations at affordable rates.


We can repair nicks, scratches, and cuts in every part of your vehicle’s interior. That means seats, armrests, cupholders, panelling, carpeting, windows, accessories, and more. If you’re a smoker, we can remove any residual smells or burns from your interior. If you have pets, we can remove any trace they were ever there and keep your resale value high.

We can restore:·






-Steering wheels




Our industry-leading repair techniques can help eradicate all the superficial problems on the outside of your car. Our colour matching services mean that you don’t need to worry about the additional costs of painting a replacement part to match your vehicle’s paint job!


New Creations can help with any exterior vehicle restoration project:

-Convertible Tops

-Plastic Bumpers

-Painted Bumpers

-Paint Chips

-Paint Scratches

-Foggy Headlight


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