How Long Do Restorations Take?

Written By Thomas Nyte

On May 31, 2020

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It’s easy to dismiss the restorations process. At a glance, it seems difficult. Expensive. Generally not worthwhile. If you can afford to simply replace something, why not do it? On the surface it seems easier, and more importantly, it seems faster.

A primary concern that often arises when people consider a restoration is their time. How long will this take? Will it turn my life upside down?

The simple answer? Not at all!

New Creations prizes speed of work, quality, and non-intrusiveness. When comparing the intrusiveness of a full-on renovation to a restoration, New Creations is quiet and professional. If you need work done in your apartment but you’re concerned about bothering your neighbour (or your family!) with a lengthy and noisy restoration process, fear not – New Creations works quickly and quietly, and aside from some very large-scale projects, we’re able to complete the vast majority of restorations within a day. Your neighbours won’t even know we’re there!

Most restorations can typically be finished within a day, but some can be done more quickly and some take a bit longer. Take a look at these before and after pictures to get a sense of how long the average restoration might take:

Leather Chair – Two Hours
Wooden Flooring – Two Hours
Granite Countertop – Two Hours
Tile Flooring – Three Hours

Click here if you want to see more before and after photos!


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